Case Study

Client: Criterion Capital
Contract Administrator: Malcolm Hollis
Specialist Contractor: Stonewest
Services Provided: Cleaning & Restoration, Principal Contracting

Project Overview

In 1870 development began on the site of the White Bear, 1 17th Century posting inn.  A competition was held for the design of a concert hall complex, with Thomas Verity winning out of 15 entries.

Building of the Criterion was completed in 1873, comprising a large restaurant, dining rooms, ballroom and a galleried concert hall in the basement.

Key Successes

  • The complete island site bounded by Piccadilly Circus, Lower Regent Street, Jermyn Street and Haymarket was sequentially scaffolded, inspected and restored whilst giving due regard to the 24/7 use of the public space, office and retail outlets, restaurants as well as the Criterion Theatre and their own particular delivery access requirements.
  • Scaffolding, design, erection and dismantle.
  • Nebulous and Doff cleaning to all elevations.
  • Stone and Granite repairs, repointing, rendering and indents.
  • Repair and replacement of leadwork coverings and flashings.
  • Asphalt repairs and replacement, application of solar reflective paint coverings.
  • Cleaning and repair of powder coated windows
  • Repair, service and repair to/of Lightning Conductor Systems.
  • Overhaul, ease and adjust windows, plus decorations to all elevations.

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